Recreation and Facilities Management Software

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Intelligenz Global develops and delivers world class solutions for recreation and leisure, with hundreds of successful implementations for customers in Canada, Australia, USA, NZ, UK, Europe and Asia

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Always on-line bookings

Our solutions focus on on-line bookings to always be working for you to grow and manage your business or facilities. Whether booking an individual entry, or a complex course for multiple family or team members, or whether for an individual facility, or an entire city, we deliver quality websites that drive increased revenues.

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Comprehensive Leisure Solutions

Over more than ten years we have developed perhaps the most functionally rich software on the market with applications for managing facilities, bookings, memberships, recreation management, point-of-sale and payment applications for a wide range of leisure and recreation sectors.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Intelligenz offers a range of implementation options from a newly launched single facility solution available on the cloud as S.A.A.S, to complex on-site ERP solutions for major municipalities, managing thousands of facilities and hundreds of thousands of users and fully integrated with multiple payment and financial systems.

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Working in Partnership

We work with our clients and partners to deliver business benefits. Whether through costs savings by automating processes and moving bookings on-line, or delivering revenue increases by enabling additional services, our solutions deliver demonstrable returns on investment. Most recently Intelligenz have been working to support our customers with additional applications to work in the "new normal" following the Coronovirus crisis, implementing timeslot booking, occupancy management, contactless check in and "track and trace" solutions.